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Haiti concrete systems SA is an innovative construction company which mainly manufactures concrete fence walls from molding. Our products brand name is Bobéton.

The fence walls are built with cement, and strengthened with rebar, gravel, chemicals and fiber, as well as a dye for color. You can find more information in the products page.


1. The Bobeton products are beautiful, and very different form conventional bloc walls, they can be installed quickly.

FR: Les produits bobeton sont agréables à voir différents qu’un mur conventionnel en blocs et rapide à installer. Un contremaitre peut donc acheter les produits et l’installer à son compte . Nos produits(poteaux et panneaux) sont renforcés de Ciment, Fer ¼, de fibres et d’additifs chimiques qui augmentent la solidité et la résistance du mur.

2. Our products(poles and panels) are strengthened with cement, iron ¼, fiber and chemical additives which increase the strength and the resistance of the wall.

FR: Nos murs ont été teste avec une résistance jusqu’à 5000 psi. D’autre tests sont en cours pour la résistance sismique et la résistance au vent.

3. The bobeton walls come in a standard height of 2.40 meters high or 8 feet(ft) , but we can install up to 3.30m high either 11ft.

FR: Le murs bobeton viennent en une hauteur standard de 2.40 mètres de haut soit 8 Pieds(ft) , mais nous pouvons en installer jusqu’à 3.30m de haut soit 11ft.

4. Our walls meet high quality and manufacturing standards. They have good seismic and wind resistance. Our products have been tested with up to 5000 psi resistance. More tests are being finalized now. We have used qualified experts to develop our manufacturing process as well as the concrete mix of the product.

FR: Nos murs répondent à tous les critères de qualités, et ont une bonne résistance anti sismique ainsi qu’au vent. Nous avons fait appel à des experts afin d’établir la meilleure résistance et qualité possible.

5. Bobeton fence walls are entirely manufactured in Haiti, and our company wants to create local job opportunities as well as increasing national production.

FR: Les murs sont entièrement fabriqués en Haiti, et notre société espère ainsi créer des opportunités d’emploi localement ainsi que de participer à l’accroissement de la production nationale.


Our wall does not require support wall (foundation wall of rock). The fence goes directly in the ground even on piece of land with a slope.

Our wall contains a dye and does not require painting.

Our wall has a finish in ground stone and is therefore pleasing to see and does not require any plastering.


Concrete Preparation & Mixing

In the first phase of the production of our ledgestone concrete fence, we mix the concrete, this goes according to a very well defined and calculated formula where we mix cement, aggregates, chemicals colorant and fiberglass to obtain the perfect concrete for our products.



The different sections of the concrete fence are poured in molds each of a specific form and type. Some molds are poured manually while some require heavier equipment like a fork lift. Metal rebar is positioned in each mold before the concrete is poured for additional strength.



Vibration & Curing

After the pouring of the concrete into the different molds, we then vibrate the molds at a high frequency in order to remove all air bubbles and make the concrete as solid and compact as possible. The initial curing and drying take place in the molds.

Removal and Solidification

After the initial curing period of about 12 hours, the products are removed form the molds and put on storage pallets to dry in open air for a period of 28 days. During this drying period the strength of the concrete products will go up to about 5000psi.


Transportation and Installation

The different parts of the Ledgestone wall are now ready to be transported and installed at the customer's location. The fence can be positioned directly in the ground or on top of a retaining wall usually made of store. The top part of the wall is closed and sealed with a cap.

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