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Whether you choose to evaluate our services and/or expertise, Multicom with its 10 years of experience is the ideal choice for a reliable and top quality radio communication service for your business and personal use. Thanks to our key positioned sites, Motorola’s latest technology and Equipments, always-available professionals and engineers to assist you; MULTICOM is able to provide you with all the solutions

With MULTICOM, you will also enjoy surfing at a very high speed with a constant connection with people abroad. Discover the multiples advantages of the New technologies and let the competition be the least of your concern. With a single or multi user connection, remain connected with the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


As a leader in Radio Communication Business in Haiti, Multicom offers quality and reliable services, with a national coverage through several sites located in key areas.

• Sites Rental
• Community Network
• Regional Network
• National Network
• Study, Conception of Radio / Computer Network
• National and regional coverage
• Automatic Vehicule Locator (AVL)
• Telesurveillance
• Paging System: Digital, Alphanumeric, & Voice Mail

As an authorized agent of Skycasters in Haiti, we bring you the world through our Internet Sevice Connection 24/7.

We offer different types of applications:
• Single User
• Multi User
• Business Edition
• Cyber Café
• Voice-Over IP (VOIP)
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN): Point To Point / Point To Multi-Point


Address 14 Autoroute de Delmas (Delmas 95), Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2940-0987,509 2257-8254,509 2257-8277
Fax 509 2257-8600