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Access Haiti

Votre Solution Internet!!!


We specialize in Hi-Speed Internet Access for Corporate, Small Business, and Personal Internet Connections, from Dial-up Access to Wireless Access as well as company intranet services.

Our internet services include free e-mail accounts, VoIP capabilities, FrontPage support, Large hosting disk space.

Is to provide quality products and Internet & Intranet services to the client. Whether it is fast internet access (dial-up, wireless), web hosting or website design, Access Haïti s.a. will deliver technology solutions that provide excellent performance, reliability, easy access and lower cost for computing or internet needs.

We offer Internet technology solutions to simplify and enhance the day-to-day operations of your employees and your company by focusing on the needs of your business and your customers. We Supply you with the tools needed to keep up with today's changing business climate. Whether it is operations, training, management, sales or marketing, we have a solution, or we'll find one for you.


"Access Haiti est une entreprise technologique qui fournit des services de connectivité, des solutions de pare-feu avec gestion unifiée des menaces (UTM) intégrée, un contrôle d'accès biométrique avec un logiciel de gestion du temps et des présences, un service informatique, une évaluation du réseau, , une colocation, un câblage structuré, une caméra de sécurité, un campus WiFi, un PBX IP, un VPN, un VoIP, des services technologiques pour les hôtels et des solutions de télévision"

access haiti recent commecial

mobile internet from Access Haiti at just $30 usd a month

4G Plan only available at Access Haiti


Outdoor 4G $300 USD* Indoor 4G $100 USD* USB 4G $80 USD*



10% TCA applicable*

New* WiMax System
Wimax Contract Monthly Services Downlink Uplink FAP (Daily) Price ***
Express 4G (USB ONLY) 256 Kps 128 Kps 100 Mb $30 USD
Bronze 4G 512 Kps 256 Kps 200 Mb $50 USD
Silver 4G 1024 Kbps 256 Kps 500 Mb $79 USD
Gold 4G 1536 Kps 256 Kps 700 Mb $119 USD
Platinum 4G 2048 Kbps 512 Kps 1 GB $169 USD
Emerald 4G 2048 Kbps 512 Kps 1.5 GB $199 USD
Diamond 4G 2048 Kbps 1024 Kps 2 GB $299 USD

10% TCA + 10% Energy an License**


WiMax No Contract Services Downlink Uplink FAP (Daily) Price*
8 hours 512 Kps 128 Kps 200 Mb $2.5 USD / 100 Gdes.
7 Days 512 Kps 128 Kps 200 Mb 25 USD / 1,000 Gdes.
30 Days 512 Kps 128 Kps 200 Mb $75 USD / 3,000 Gdes.

10% TCA applicable**

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