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Welcome to Laboratoires 4C, designed for our partners in health care

To better serve you and improve our customer service, our website allows you, in just one click, to consult information on our high-quality, affordable pharmaceutical products, as well as offer to pharmacies, hospitals, accredited health centers and dispensaries the possibility of ordering online and taking delivery at our one of our 6 sales outlets located throughout the metropolitan area : Pétion Ville, Delmas 71, Delmas 14, Rue du Magasin de l’Etat, Carrefour, Rue Monseigneur Guilloux; and 4 provinces: Cap-Haïtien, Port de Paix, Saint-Marc, Cayes.

We invite you to use our Contact page to give us your suggestions which are always welcome.

We thank you for your continued support.

Address Route de Delmas et Delmas 71, Delmas, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2249-8416,509 2949-8417,509 2944-2121