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Historical Background:

Our company GEMETECH (General Medical Supplies and Technologies Co.), an offspring of Meditech Haiti, has been supplying hospitals and clinics medical supplies and equipments to the Haitian Health Sector for the past 27 years. We are dedicated to raise and sustain medical standards in Haiti by providing high quality products and introducing the latest technologies the medical industry has to offer.

At this time, we represent the following companies:

Kodak Americas, Ltd for our X-ray films line (USA)
AFP Imaging for our film processors (USA)
Shimadzu, via International Med-X for our x-ray equipment line (JAPAN)
Thermotronics for our spectrophotometers line (USA)
EZ-em for our contrast product line (USA)
Shangai Lishen Scientific equipment Co.,Ltd for operating lamps (CHINA)
Expanding Industry Limited for a whole range of Hospital equipments (CHINA)
Thermo-SHANDON for our morgue equipment line (USA)
Scientific supplies and technologies for our laboratory lines (USA)
Acoma industries, Ltd for our anesthetic apparatus (JAPAN)
Aloka for our ultrasound imaging line (JAPAN)


• Provide professional world class equipment and supplies.
• Provide technical support with the purchase of equipment by our certified technicians to maintain their condition.


Address 111, rue Pavee, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 3730-4101,509 3655-2427,+1 (305) 396-2272