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As an Outbound Tour Operator belonging to Group Transat AT Inc, we offer you all the same Transat products and quality you can trust.

  • Flights from Florida to Canada on board Air Transat
  • Flights from Canada to Southern destinations (Caribbean-Mexico-Central America and more) on board Air Transat
  • Flights from Canada to Europe on board Air Transat
  • Packages are available for all the above destinations.
  • New Program to Haiti (2013-2014)



HAITI Program Description To learn more (pdf)
HAITI Prices To learn more (pdf)
TRANSAT Terms & Conditions HAITI To learn more (pdf)
Credit Card Form – Haiti To learn more (pdf)


Over the years, travelers learned to associate Transat with quality and the best possible price. Travelers know…that real vacations start with us!

When you travel with Transat Holidays USA - Away Travel, you travel with the knowledge that we take care of everything for you. From beaches, to shows, to transfers, our teams of tourist industry professionals look meticulously at every product in order to offer you quality and impeccable service.

We are proud of the dependability we offer. This is what our reputation is based on. A reputation built over the last 14 years. We are proud of our efficient and reliable personnel. We pride ourselves on our products, our service and our unbeatable prices. We are glad to offer you the vacations you will never forget.

Transat Holidays USA - Away Travel is an American subsidiary owned exclusively and part of Transat A.T. Inc. known as The Leader in the Canadian Traveling Industry. We are developing ourselves to become a force in worldwide Travel.

Transat Holidays USA - Away Travel offers a full range of services:

  • vacation package such as Las Vegas, the Caribbean, European tours, Ski packages, car rentals, train tickets, hotel reservations
  • Cruises
  • Chartered and scheduled flights
  • Mini Getaways - Escapades
  • Destination management and local services
  • Travel insurance

Transat Holidays USA - Away Travel specializes in departures from Florida, from Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and St-Petersburg.

Our service has caught the attention of an international clientele in over five continents. To date we continue to service their travel requirements even though they have returned to their country of residence.

Thank you for choosing Transat Holidays USA - Away Travel and have nice vacations!

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Address 1211 Stirling Road, Unit 102, Dania Beach, FL 33004
Phone 1 (855) 99HAITI,1 (954) 929-2200,1 (866) 828-4872 Toll Free