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Project Zen is a Yoga studio founded with the mission to encourage the practice of Yoga, foster holistic growth and provide a nurturing environment where Yoga is accessible and practiced as a way of life. We are committed to provide the best teachers and to teach a range of styles regardless of age, size, gender, fitness level, diet and lifestyle. Our classes will help you sweat, stretch and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

As you enter the harmonious sanctuary of Project Zen, you will be embraced by the warm ambiance. This urban oasis creates an atmosphere where one can escape the daily chaos, connect with like-minded people and center them through the practice of Yoga. The fusion of your presence and our calming setting will guide you in finding your breath and journey toward self-discovery.

... because life is a work in progress.



What is Yoga?

The term Yoga comes from an ancient philosophy used to attain spiritual insight and harmony, but generally refers in common use to a system of exercises that is practiced as part of this discipline. Yoga is the union of the body, breath, mind and spirit.

Do I need to be flexible to do Yoga?

Don't avoid Yoga just because you think you aren't flexible. In fact, if you have tight muscles, Yoga is just the thing to loosen you up. The point of Yoga is not to show off how flexible you are, but rather to become more flexible over time while enjoying yoga's health benefits.

Is Yoga just stretching?

Although Yoga involves stretching your muscles, it is a whole different ballgame than the few warm-up stretches you might do at the gym. We are so often crunched for time and if we had to choose just one fitness activity, yoga really can be a one-stop solution — you get flexibility, strength, cardio fitness, as well as calming down the nervous system — it's a pretty attractive combination.

Is Yoga only for Women?

Absolutely not!! Many men are concerned that they will not be welcomed in a Yoga class or that they are not flexible to try Yoga. After all, mostly men primarily practiced Yoga. Yoga is for everyone!


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