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Where Comfort Meets Nature

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Welcome to Le Coin Du Village Fitness

Drop those unwanted pounds in a flash while looking and feeling better than you ever have. Come to Le Coin Du Village Fitness where you can workout your body using top of the art equipment, classes and trainers.

If that is not enough, enjoy our outdoor activities such as:

- Jogging Trail
- Outdoor Swimming Pool
- Basketball Court
- And much More...


Classes and Programs

Coin Du Village Fitness offers a variety of cardio, strength training, endurance and fitness classes to ensure that you stay as interested and motivated as the day you started.

We're equipped with the latest fitness machines that you will find at any high end gym around the world.

Basic Step:

Cardiovascular workout stepping up and down on an adjustable platform. Intensity varied with basic choreography and power moves. Great for burning calories!

Below the Belt:

Complete workout targeting the lower body.

Boot Camp:

An intense 30 minute full body workout combining calisthenics and abdominal.

Butt, Gut & Legs:

30 minute intense lower body conditioning.

Full Body Circuit:

Learn while you burn! This 45 minute circuit training class will teach you how to correctly use the weight machines, alternating with cardio exercises.

Cardio Kickbox:

A fun and heart pumping workout using basic martial arts moves, focusing on burning fat and sculpting specific muscle groups through low impact and high intensity exercises.

Cardio Kickbox Combo:

Cardio kickbox with a twist! This class may or may not utilize the rebounders, steps or balls to diversify your kickboxing workout. Always something NEW and FUN!

Contact Kickbox:

Similar to the cardio kickboxing class, utilizing a heavy bag. Try this fun class to burn calories and release aggression! Gloves required.

Cut to the Core:

Intense 15 minute workout of core area--abdominals lower back and hips.

Intense Express Cycle:

A quick but rigorous 30 minute cycle class!

Kick Combo:

Kickboxing and abdominal combo.

Power Cycle:

Cycle class set to music with varied intensity of resistance and speed. A great way to get motivated. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Power Sculpt:

A full body sculpting class focusing on individual muscle groups using optional hand weights, bands and body bars.

Yoga Pilates:

A diversified mix of Hatha-Yoga, Mat Pilates and dynamic stretching. Promote flexibility, develop strength, tone your abs and find inner peace in a warm, relaxed atmosphere of candles and relaxing music.

Yoga Sculpt:

A diversified toning and stretching class that will keep your body and mind centered through basic pilates, yoga, stretching and weight-bearing exercises. Classes include 10-15 minutes of core/abdominal work.

Please check with the club to find when each class are currently schedule


A fun and effective easy to follow Latin inspired, calory buring dance class.

We are always trying to spyce it up, please check with us to find out which new classes have been added or they are currently schedule


Coin Du Village Fitness would like to offer you the opportunity to see our club first hand. By filling out the following information someone from our team will reach out to you and provide you with more information about our membership plan.

Go to Our Membership page

Training and Coaching Programs

Check with one of the Coin Du Village trainer to change the way you live life

Coin Du Village Fitness has a diverse selection of Lifestyle coaches that will help you attain your goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle tone or condition your body, our lifestyle coaches can help.

Our professional team of coaches are equipped with knowledge and understanding; to help you "get fit" and maintain a healthy standard of living.

Our lifestyle coaches will teach you that versatility is the quickest path to results. Change up your fitness regimen often. Blow off steam in the different classes we offer while having fun at the same time.

For more information about working with a Coin Du Village Coach, please contact us at the number listed below

Outdoor Activities

Because we at Coin du Village believe in the therapeutical effects of nature, we have set up a few ways for you to workout your body while getting plenty of oxygen.

• Natural walking trail
• Basketball Court
• Swimming Pool

Our Policy

Le Coin Du Village Fitness has established a number of rules which need to be followed by each member in order for your membership to remain in good standing:

Note that Coin Du Village Fitness reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time

1- Please keep your car radio volume down when entering "Coin Du Village" facilities

2- No vehicles should be left overnight in the parking lot of the Village

3- All membership fees are due on time and subject to a late fees after 10 days of due date

4- No smoking is prohibited around the facilities

5- Proper gym attire is mandatory at all time, no jeans, sandal, boots on the gym floor

6- We ask that you wipe down the equipments after each use

7- No food or drinks allowed on the gym floor

Members are asked to swipe their cards upon entering the gym. If you've forgotten your gym I.D., please present a valid I.D. at the front desk and sign the form on the desk.

Coin Du Village is promoting a friendly atmosphere, therefore we urge for each member to be courteous to each other.

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