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Dental Lab Haiti is proudly based in Port au Prince, as the first dental lab in Haiti and exclusively servicing the dentists of the west side of the island. Our number one concern is the quality of our work and our dentist's satisfaction. 

Dental fabrications are very intimate products. When patients come to dentists to discuss and plan dental reconstructions it bestows a great responsibility. Free pickup & delivery in Port au Prince. 10 business days turnaround. Great prices and top quality.

 Our products include - 

·         PFM Crown

·         PFM Bridge

·         Post & Core (co-cr)f

·         Post & Core (Zircon)

·         Empress Crown

·         Zirconia Bruxir

·         E-max Veneer

·         Temporary Unit

·         Implant Abutment

·         Implant Crown (co-cr)

·         Implant crown Full Ceramic

·         Gum Soft Tissue

·         Denture Cr-CR

·         Denture Valplast

·         Orthodontics

·         Full Metal Crown (co-cr) 

·         Bruxir Clear

·         Trilux

·         E-Max Crown

·         Full Metal Crown (Au60%)

·         E-max Inlay/onlay

·         Invisible Retainer

·         Lingual Arch

·        The Nance

Call us to arrange a product demonstration in our lab or at your clinic.
Address Belvedere Complex, Rue Chavannes, Port au Prince, Haiti
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