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Chand'Elle is a business dedicated to women's well being. It offers diverse products such as scented body smoothies (body butters), hand lotions, soaps, scrubs as well as candles. All to help you relax and forget about daily stress.
By incorporating ingredients bought from local farmers, Chand'Elle contributes to the Haitian economy. For instance, our "Honey Bee" line of candles are made using 99% beeswax. Contrary to other types of wax, it doesn't contain toxins and burns at a much slower rate than other waxes such as paraffin or soy. It also purifies the air around you while burning, leaving a light honey smell behind.
The lotions and scrubs contain coconut based oils which are made by Chand'Elle. Because of its water retaining properties, coconut oil is an ideal moisturizer.
We use only the finest handpicked ingredients by local farmers and vendors ensuring maximum quality in all our skin care products. Chand'Elle strives to bring you quality products, derived from natural organic ingredients. We bring the spa to your home at an affordable everyday price.

There are many more products available, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Address 96, rue Panamericaine, Petion-Ville
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