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Tele Image

Tele-Image is a News Entertainment, Magazine formatted TV show broadcast via Cable and Verizon Fios channel covering the New York , New Jersey , Connecticut Tri State area., with a dynamic programming featuring News from Haiti and around the world, Health updates, Fashion, Entertainment, Music videos, Interviews, Movie previews, Art as well as Business updates.

Tele Image Haiti

Tele-Image TV Show reaches over 4.9 million cable subscribers . The unique programming of Tele-Image provides advertisers with an important marketing tool to reach this audience. It is one of the most watched Haitian Television show on cable and on the internet.

Tele-Image has been in existence for 15 years in New Jersey, 12 years in Long Island, 10 years in the New York Tri State Area, 3 years in Maryland/ Washington DC and St.Martin.

YOU can also watch TeleImage tv shows on the internet at or, you will be able to see different segments of the show which are uploaded everyweek on this site, we have more than 48,824,828 illion hits on our page, 7,243 subscribers. Tele-Image is owned and operated by TV IMAGE CORP which is located in Baldwin, NY.

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Address 981 Ardmore Rd, North Baldwin, New York 11510-1502
Phone 1 (516) 805-5410,1 (516) 505-2318,