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Born December 9th, 1992, Michel Alexandre Martelly (“Sandro”) is a Haitian artist specializing in Caribbean Soul mixed with Haitian Kompa. Growing up in a family of artists, he was involved in music production and performance from a very young age, mainly following in his Fathers, “Sweet Micky”, footsteps.

Sandro produced and released his first single “Frero” (Brother) in 2004. The single was a big hit within the Haitian youth and set-off the young talents music career.

Better known to his fans as “Dro”, Sandro released his first self-produced album in the summer of 2011 with his first band “T-Micky” [consisting of Sandro and 4 musicians]. The album, entitled “Pa Chache M” (Don’t look for me), allowed Sandro to tap into the Kompa/Zouk fan-base around the world, making the band T-Micky an international sensation. He was booked to perform worldwide, from New Caledonia to Paris to the U.S.

With his success in different regions, “Dro” quickly began working on a second album, “Atache” (Fan) which was released in the summer of 2014. The album, which included hit single “Nou Pare – ft. Wyclef Jean” was an even bigger hit than the first, earning T-Micky Artist of the Year of the International Reggae and World Music Award as well as Best Collaboration of the Year of the West Indies Live. In the fall of 2014, T-Micky went on their first multi-city “Atache” tour, which began in Montreal, Canada and ended in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“Dro” has worked alongside many artists in his career thus far he has produced unique sounds for a number of international artists. He has also been featured with established artists such as Sweet Micky, Wyclef Jean, J.Perry, Shabba, Medhy Custos, Kennenga, Olivier Martelly (BigO), Josh X and more.

In June 2015, T-Micky performed the opening act at the Lil Wayne and Chris Brown Concert in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, an experience that opened many doors for the young artist. Only one month after, “T-Micky” released a single “Vakans” (Vacation), which was licensed by Zumba World Wide.

Music is what makes this young talent’s heart beat! “Dro” is currently attending music school in the United States where he is studying Jazz. He’s pursuing his passion while always working on his next album.

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