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About this office

Paul Salès founded the firm in 1907 and specialized in patent and trademark work. It is one of the oldest, largest, most experienced and prominent law firms in Haiti and conducts an extensive international and domestic practice. Its current name was adopted in 1974. From its inception, it has been recognized for providing its clients with personalized service of exceptional quality, tailored to the needs and demands of each particular case and always maintaining the highest standards of professionalism.

The firm is engaged in the General Practice of Law and is well equipped to advise on and deal with the widest range of legal matters and services. It is a recognized leader in the areas of Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Merger and Acquisition, Labour Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is also highly regarded in the area of Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance, Trade, Real Estate Acquisition and Estate Administration.

The client base is diverse and includes international companies as well as small, medium and large local companies.


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Statement of Practice Summary:

General Practice, Civil, Commercial, Corporation, Tax, Investment, Labor, Intellectual Property, Administrative, Environmental, General Litigation and Arbitration.

Representative Clients:

Société du Rhum Barbancourt; Haytian Tractor and Equipment Company, S.A.; Digicel Group; Haiti Networking Group, S.A.; Painson, S.A.; Société de Construction d'Immeubles et d'Ouvrages Publics, S.A.; Inter-American Investment Corporation; The Shell International Petroleum Company Limited ; Exxon-Mobil Corporation; Pfizer; Brystol-Myers Company; Unilever Limited; Rhône-Poulenc; Rorer, S.A.; Hoechst A.G.; AstraZeneca; Smithkline Beecham, Operation Blessing International, International Medical Village, S.A.

Languages: French, English, Spanish.

Address 62, Rue Geffard (angle rue Chavannes)- P.O. Box 211, Petion-ville
Phone 509 2815-1500,,
Fax 509 2256-5107