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La Quailité de la Vie.

 +509 2941-3202

Baring the name of its founder, Valerio Canez SA was established in 1937 in downtown Port au Prince. Through its outstanding reputation, VCSA managed to acquire the coveted honor of being General Electric’s first international distributor for their highly regarded electrical and household appliances.

Air Conditionners (12) Burners (3) Coffee Makers (2) Dryers (4)
Fans (10) Freezers (12) Microwaves (8) Refrigerators (19)
Stoves (22) Washing Machines (6) Water Coolers (3) Barbecue (6)
Blenders (2)

DVD Players (5) Mini-Hifi System (5) Portable Radios - Boombox (8) Television (8)

Batteries (9) Battery Cable (13) Generators (14) Inverters (7)

Bedrooms sets & Beds (14) Dining Sets (9) Garden furnitures (8) Living room (8)
Entertainment Center (5)      

Office Furnitures

Desk (12)
Filing Cabinets (7)
Metal Chairs (8)
Metal Lockers (5)
Metal Shelves (6)
Office Chairs (12)

Ab Roller (2) Bicyclette (3) HALTERS (7) Home Gym (1)
Treadmills (4) Ping Pong Table (1) tours Valerio Canez - Chateaublond, Boulevard Du 15 Octobre, Tabarre, Port-au-Prince






Boulevard 15 Octobre • P.O Box 243 Port-au-Prince, Haiti

509 2943-3613
509 2940-3613
509 2940-3618

Magasin de Meubles a Delmas

509 2941-3201

Magasin de Materiels Electriques

509 2940-3611


Direction des Operations

509 2223-2113

Magasin de Pieces de Rechange

509 2940-3612

Service de Reparations Externes

509 3405-1990

Service de Reparations Internes

509 2940-3617

Service de Livraison

509 2943-3614
509 2223-5133


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Address Chateaublond, Boulevard du 15 Octobre, Tabarre, Port-au-Prince
Phone 509 2941-3201,509 2943-3613,509 2940-3610