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About PAHO/WHO in Haiti

PAHO/WHO has worked for decades in Haiti. This work was possible thanks to a great collective effort, namely: a permanent presence in the country; strong technical support from regional and global levels; support from PAHO/WHO offices in neighboring countries, especially the Dominican Republic; mobilization of horizontal cooperation and the continued support of national authorities, donor agencies and multilateral cooperation. Another key element was the coordination with other UN agencies and the inter-American system, the Cuban Medical Brigade, NGOs, civil society in Haiti, as well as other bilateral cooperation agencies. This collective effort has made it possible to undertake many activities and concrete actions for the benefit of the country's population. The Millennium Development Goals provide a framework for international assistance and investment in long-term, sustainable solutions for the country. PAHO/WHO encourages a joint approach to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, given the interdependence of their economies and the high migration between the two countries and its impact on the health sector.

PAHO/WHO has focused its activities in Haiti on two main areas: humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation following disasters, and technical cooperation for national health development.

Mr. Peter Jan Graaff
AHO/WHO Representative in Haiti



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