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Courier Services

To improve the efficiency of your shipping process, increase the quality of your customer service, save time and money, that is what we cater to you at Anndex International.

Simply answer the questions in our short customer analysis of four steps in order for us to identify the Ebusiness tools that would best fit your needs.




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33, Avenue Marie Jeanne – Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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RAngle des rues Oge et Geffrard, Petion-Ville – Port-au-Prince, Haiti

About Us

Since our creation in 1988, we haven’t stopped diversifying and expanding throughout the world. We have offices in the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Our determination and reliability has earned us the recognition and the trust of the leaders company in express transportation.

Our main activity is the express transportation of documents and parcels around the world. Since our creation, new services have been developed to better meet the demands and expectations of our customers. So today, we offer a wide range of services from freight to product distribution, and purchasing to storage, to only name a few.

Our strength at Anndex lies in the fact that we have always made it our point of honor to offer a personalized service to meet the specific needs of each and every client.It is also for these reasons that we maintain at the forefront of technology, and offer a continuously large range and suited services to your needs and concerns.With Anndex your opinion counts. Good or bad your reviews are of great value to us. It is thanks to your opinion that will learn how to better serve you.So please, do not hesitate, go to our page “contact us” and send us your message.

We thank you for visiting us and we hope to be able to serve you soon.


A wide variety of services to respond to as many of your needs:


Door to Door

  • We pick up and deliver your shipments as you will instruct us.
  • A door to door Express Mail Service including pick up and prompt and reliable delivery of your documents, packages and parcels.

Distribution & Storage

  • Anndex can help you with the distribution of your products in the United States and globally.
  • We have a secure warehouse in the United States where your merchandise can be stored for the amount of time that you will need. An inventory and regular monitoring of your stock will be done to your specifications.

Mailing Program

  • Anndex offers a mailing address in the United States, to help its customers not living in the United States. Your mail will arrive through our address and it will be shipped to you wherever you are.


  • The purchasing department will help you, from the search of your products through worldwide suppliers, to their delivery right to your home or place of business.

Free USA Address

  • See our section “Free USA Address”
Address Angle des rues Ogé et Geffrard Pétion-Ville
Phone 509 2813-0078,509 2943-6000,+1 (305) 471-8456